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    20 Oct
    VCK join forces with Janssen

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    Both companies complement each other with a wide range of logistics services having full control over distribution processes. The joint logistics services include e-commerce fulfillment, air and sea freight, warehousing, distribution, technical services (VAL) and represent full control over the distribution process (via fourth-party logistics control tower services).

    VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions (Netherlands and Germany), VCK Logistics Air and Ocean Freight and Janssen have a joint network with several strategic locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Schiphol, Venlo, Rotterdam), Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), Germany (Hamburg, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Bielefeld), Switzerland (Zurich) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh). Through this own network of logistics hot-spots, the distribution processes of customers can be designed, organized and controlled as efficiently as possible.

    The combination of the companies will lead to a leading logistics group of more than 800 employees with a turnover of more than €350 million. The merger is supported by Waterland Private Equity Investments and will become effective, subject to approval by the competition authorities in the Netherlands and Germany.

    Janssen has grown strongly in its existence since 1877 and today offers a broad portfolio of logistics solutions: from traditional logistics services such as distribution, warehousing & fulfillment and air and sea freight to production, repair and installation services. In addition, Janssen offers its e-commerce customers a software platform that links them to more than sixty parcel service providers in Europe, enabling them to purchase and coordinate all shipments centrally.

    VCK Logistics Supply Chain Solutions and VCK Logistics Air and Ocean Freight

    In recent years, VCK, originally from Amsterdam, has developed into a player at the highest logistics level through acquisitions at home and abroad. Through state-of-the-art warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, the company realizes unique solutions in warehousing & fulfillment for its customers. In addition, VCK Logistics Air and Ocean Freight have a strong position in air and sea freight with locations at Schiphol, Düsseldorf and Rotterdam.




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