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    30 jun
    Simplifying Logistics – Simplified systems



    One stop shop services as being offered by VCK Logistics SCS in The Netherlands require 1 ICT environment.

    Many companies offering international services in various countries have built their networks through mergers and take-overs, claiming sole system solutions, but in fact are using a variety of holding branded legacy systems, linked to one another leaving much to desire in terms of efficiency.
    VCK Logistics SCS follows a different strategy. The VCK international network is built around 1 single system solution, facilitating flexible and recognizable services in various countries. Customers are experiencing the same performance and business ethics in various countries. Our sites in Germany and Switzerland have already been implemented in conformity with the central ICT model.

    Naturally, transparency is offered throughout the entire network by means of Cloud solutions. VCK Logistics SCS has been and still is investing in future proof ICT solutions.